The Dark Matter Studios Approach

Dark Matter Studios understands that the traditional model for selling independently produced films is not always particularly efficient in delivering returns to investors and producers. The traditional model involves a filmmaker hiring a sales agent who is responsible for selling the film in exchange for a fee and expenses – often with very little control left to the film’s producer. Sales agents typically claim their fees and expenses before investors and producers start to see returns.

Dark Matter Studios will sell the films directly into certain major territories such as the UK, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Dark Matter Studios will distribute films in the UK and Africa and act as the primary sales arm for the other territories.

Film delivery and distribution has gone digital, allowing Dark Matter Studios to deal directly with the ultimate buyers of films (e.g. cinema chains, TV, cable and satellite broadcasters). This in turn allows for much tighter control of the sales strategy and cost.

We intend for all Dark Matter Studios films to pass through a full exploitation cycle. This should include a theatrical release in the UK, North America, Latin America, South Africa and other overseas markets, release on rental and home purchase DVD, Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View and sales to commercial television channels in all the major world territories.

Dark Matter Studios will always place the emphasis on the mitigation of risk, sensible pricing structures and radical innovation, with a talented and experienced team behind the execution.